• Carton box and suitcases for relocation on bed

    Why Can’t Moving Be Uncomplicated

    I’m trying not to freak out right now. Packing is the best/worst part of moving. It’s satisfying to purge your old belongings and tuck away your valuables to go onto the next place. But mentally preparing to shove each stupid knick-knack and scarf in a box just exhausts me. The added complication is three animals, two cars, and a fucktonne of clocks (why do I have so many clocks?!?). Even though I’ve done this many times before, I can’t find anything guidance about how to pack: which rooms to start with, what stuff to start with, nothing. The closest I’ve found was this guide, but it didn’t give room specifics.…

  • brown cardboard boxes on brown wooden table

    Let The Next Phase Begin

    I’m not ready to officially announce it, but today I began the process of moving. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be finding a new house, selling my current house, moving from the current house to the new house, and starting over. I’ve done this before (many times) and it doesn’t get easier. But it gets a little less aggravating because you get used to it. While the details are forthcoming and the list of things I have to do is growing (and exhausting), I’m looking forward to this change. I consider it a lateral move but a positive one. It’ll be nice to settle in.

  • Diary

    Pink Flowers

    Didn’t take a hike yesterday. Just enjoyed a simple walk around my neighborhood, looking at these pink blossoms on the trees.

  • Diary

    Pine Mountain, GA

    It’s absolutely gorgeous here. There are plenty of picturesque hiking trails and campgrounds to explore. At this time of year, the weather is perfect: the bugs are few, the trails are sparse, and the poison oak is limited.

  • Diary

    Today’s German Angst

    There are days when I have difficulty expressing myself in anything other than the basic German I’m currently learning. Ich bin müde. Ich hasse meine Beruf. Ich will nur meine Bücher schreiben. Somedays I sit at my desk and stare at my inbox. Occasionally, the emails pile up like cinder blocks around me; other times it’s empty and lifeless. But there are always fires to stamp out; Kanban boards to organize, and meetings to attend. Oh christ the meetings. They don’t fucking end. Listen in and take minutes. Reschedule with two more people. Give this presentation to twenty people; half of which that don’t show and of those that do,…