It's mid-March already! That means that any hope I had for the tiniest dusting of snow here in ATL is now gone, as winter is on its way out and spring is on its way in. It's time to open the windows, sweep out the dust, and move some clothes into (and out from) storage!

Luckily, spring still requires that I keep some jackets around. The days can start off warm but progress into drizzling chill, or end up warm and sunny after a morning shower. Keeping a jacket nearby adds a stylish layer to my ensemble and keeps the last remnants of winter at bay.

So what are some of my seasonal staples for spring jackets? I've got five of them!

1. The Barbour Beadnell: A Classic

Both classy and casual at the same time

My Barbour Beadnell is my favorite jacket. Both rugged and preppy, I fell in love with this style the moment I saw it. I can throw it on over a light sweater or a cute dress and it goes with both styles – that's how versatile it is. I even got rid of my denim jacket and replaced it with the Beadnell because I knew the letter would go with more outfits than the former. And yes, the price is up there – I'd recommend checking Poshmark for any deals first or getting a very similar and lower-priced LL Bean field jacket instead. Note that Barbour tends to run snug or small, so get one size large than you think you need if you want a looser fit. Mine is a size 8, but I could have used the extra shoulder room in a 10.

2. The Pleather Jacket: Hello Moto

Leather or pleather

Sometimes I like to trick people into thinking I'm cool. There's no better way to do that than wearing a simple black (p)leather motorcycle jacket. Mine isn't pictured because it's years old from Target and, to be honest, indistinguishable from the hundreds of other styles out there. I wear mine over a dead simple getup: jeans, a white T-shirt or tank top, and my toughest pair of moto boots. The one pictured above is by Calvin Klein, but any designer will do. It's perfect for a windy day or when you're a super hero crime fighter stomping around Hell's Kitchen at night.

3. The Trench Coat: The Ingrid Bergman Look

Run through the rain in style!

I've found that trench coats are less about keeping the rain off of you and more about completing a business casual outfit to the office. That doesn't stop me from conjuring the image of Ilsa and Rick at the airport in Casablanca every time I wear my own trench coat. And while I do think a trench coat goes best with a skirt suit, I've worn mine with a pair of skinny jeans and leopard-print flats to dinner with friends. A trench coat will range in price from on-the-cheap to what-did-I-just-do; the one pictured above is from Old Navy but look no further than Burberry if you want to drop more than a dime.

4. Arc'teryx Shell: A True Rain Jacket

Make sure it has a hood 

Because I'm not 100% convinced of a trench coat's effectiveness in rain, I'm going to keep my Arc'teryx shell handy in case of a sudden downpour. Mine is similar to the one pictured above, but it's a bit lighter. It keeps me dry, but it's not a sweltering fit. A heavy sweater underneath keeps me cozy, and if it gets too warm (or stops raining), I can unzip the shell and shake off any excess rain water. Note: if you want to get a rain shell but want to aim for something less expensive, do not purchase a pullover-style shell. I learned my lesson buying an REI-branded rain coat – the minute I pulled it off, I drenched my head, neck, and shoulders. Lesson learned.

5. Kuhl Fleece - Work Out and Stay Warm

Pockets galore!

I prefer to hike in chilly weather. It's easier to add layers and peel them off as the day warms up. I like to start off in my hiking gear and toss on my Kuhl fleece jacket over top. Aside from being warm and light, it's LOADED with pockets! Meaning, I can carry my phone, Kleenex (for allergies), and a snack on me without lugging around a heavy backpack. Special note: I specifically bought this jacket because it was in men's – a woman's jacket in a similar style was $20 more expensive. Plus, this one had more pockets!