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Podcast Alert: Diamonds in the Rough Draft ft Your Humble!

My friends, Eric and Emily, have a podcast called Diamonds in the Rough Draft, where they drink a beer and read a rough draft of a poem or a short excerpt of fiction from their past. They invited me to be on Episode 9: Lots of Opportunities to Plug Yourself wherein we drink a sturdy Hefeweissen, talk shop about female agency and Greek mythology, and dissect a poem I wrote in college called “Fecundity.”

If you haven’t read anything I’ve written or are interested in what I have to say outside of Pop Medieval, please give it a listen!

Also, Emily and Eric are dear friends of mine in meat space who are just as hilarious off mic, so you should subscribe to them as well!

Author & Bi-Feminist-Killjoy. Occasionally has something interesting to say. The importance is debatable. Your mileage may vary. Books: "Icarus" and "A Bitter Spring"