Consider the Karst

Are you looking for a replacement for your Moleskine or Leuchtturm? Please, please, please turn your attention to one of the fine products Karst Stone Paper has to offer! While traditional notebooks are made from paper (recycled or not) Karst notebooks are made from recycled stone!

From their website:

Our stone paper is made by mixing calcium carbonate powder with a high quality, non-toxic, non-virgin resin. Heat and pressure are applied, and after many rotations through some extremely large and heavy rollers, the material is thin enough to be used as paper.

Karst Stone Products about page

I’m recommending Karst notebooks as the owner of not one, not two, but three products from this site. The first is a small pocket notebook I got as an Xmas gift. I loved it so much that I ordered a Pinot hardcover notebook for general note-taking. For a surprise gift, I got a set of Karst woodless pencils, too. Both the notebook and the pencils are now within arm’s length from me at all times.

How does it hold up to other notebooks? Aside from the pages feeling like smooth silk, they’re durable and waterproof! After soaking a page in water and letting it dry, the Karst stone paper could still take my juvenile scribbles.

I’m already in love with these notebooks and can’t wait to give them out as gifts for the analog note-taker.

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