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I Have a Podcast!

Oh yeah, guys! I have been so busy being absorbed in a LOT of personal things that I forgot to mention another really fun and exciting thing I’ve been doing with my friend, colleague, business partner, and cohort, Dr. Richard Scott Nokes, aka Professor Awesome: a PODCAST! Please put your earbuds in and subscribe to Pop Medieval!

What is Pop Medieval, you ask? In short, Pop Medieval is all about medieval study and pop culture. We talk about books, movies, tv shows, current events, games, comics, and all sorts of fun stuff that has to do with knights, jousting, chivalry, war, and more. Dr. Nokes is a medieval literature professor who functions as the show’s expert and I’m the show’s audience stand-in. I ask him the questions, he gives me the answers, and we have some laughs along the way.

This podcast is educational, not comedic (though we do joke around and riff a lot), so do expect to learn something. When we started this podcast, I told Doc that I did not want to be another one of those podcasts that tried to rip off Comedy Bang Bang or Serial (as we are neither comedians NOR investigative journalists). I insisted that while we can have fun and crack wise, our main goal is to inform our audience.

With that said, I hope you subscribe to our little effort! As of this writing, three of our episodes are up:

  1. The Pilot: Where we introduce our podcast and ourselves.
  2. The Staffordshire Hoard: We discuss the largest medieval treasure in all of Europe.
  3. A Thing about Kennings: Our lastest! We talk about the origins of the word thing and then talk about kennings. Plus we play a very fun game I made up.

You can subscribe on any of the following platforms: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify.


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