There’s a Pill for That

In an interesting but not at all unexpected turn of events, I’ve been prescribed new medication and will be transitioning off the old.

Current mood

I managed to make it to age 34 before I had to take pills every day. I think that’s a family record, but my brother is younger than me and still has a few years before he’s caught up with me. Maybe he’ll break my streak!

You notice a lot of absurdity when you have neurological issues. Mainly, I notice the same people in the waiting room over and over again. This last appointment, an older woman tottered over to me and goes, “You don’t remember me, but I saw you here the last time.” Immediately, I burst out laughing because what else are you going to do? I’m sorry, I could have said. I don’t remember you because I have brain issues. Or maybe you’re mistaking me for someone else because you have similar brain issues. Either way, it doesn’t matter because neither one of us is going to remember this conversation because we both have brain issues.

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