Blundstones: My Cameron Howe Shoes

I would never call the character of Cameron Howe of Halt and Catch Fire a fashion icon for me (that would be Donna, obviously). But in the 4th season, I did jump when I spotted her wearing a pair of Blundstone Chelsea boots – the one wardrobe staple that didn’t make her look like she had just rolled out of bed and continued rolling over her dirty clothes, Katamari Damacy-style.

Pictured: Donna Emerson (L): business woman; Cameron Howe (R): literal garbage person (via AMC.com)

What surprised me was that these boots aren’t really common. They’re Australian so you aren’t going to see them on too many American feet (both meatspace and tv-space). But they’re an old brand and very recognizable for their colorful panels and dual tags for easy pulling on-and-off. Cameron, of course, had a simple pair of brown-on-browns. I immediately recognized them from nearly a year prior when I was looking for a pair of functional Chelsea boots to replace my Frye’s that turned out to be absolute shit and rubbed my heels to death.

Like Cameron’s, but make it pinker

I told myself that if I was still thinking about them 6 months from then, I’d just buy them. Well, I waited 7 months and bought a pair of BL1377’s – dark brown with pink panels. Again, they come in Australian sizes, I essentially bought 3-sizes smaller than my normal American size, but they fit perfectly. And Zappos ships extra fast, so I have no complaints.

My feet: cute as hell. 

Look, I’ve already scuffed the left toe! They’re already worth it!

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