• Diary

    Things I Miss: Caffeine

    I had to give up caffeine after my epilepsy diagnosis. A few months after that, my neurologist asked how much caffeine I consumed. Sheepishly, I admitted, “I have an entire pot of coffee before nine am.” She gently asked, “I think you should cut back.” So I did. I eased back my consumption from entire pot before my first morning meeting to before lunch. I also stopped drinking caffeinated tea in the evenings. Oh, and if restaurants offered coffee after a meal, I politely declined. When I happily reported my progress a month later, my neurologist blinked at me. “No,” she said. “You need to cut back. As in, maybe…

  • Diary

    The Cats Aren’t Political

    They don’t read and aren’t invested in the goings on of human body autonomy in as much as they want us to have the ability to feed them when they’re hungry. They also like the cardboard and want to tear it up. The other side of the sign says, “My body, my choice.” They don’t care about that either. They don’t have even have balls.

  • Diary

    Lost and Found

    Last summer, when Covid died down for a few weeks, I got my ears pierced. Since then, I’ve been a bit obsessed with earrings. The pair I wear the most are my white sapphire studs. They’re simple and elegant and go with everything. I love the hell out of them, which is why I was saddened when I lost one of the backs one evening. How? Beats the hell out of me. I was changing clothes and noticed my earring hanging out of my right lobe kind of funny, and realized the back was gone, leaving the stud just sitting in my ear. Better than the earring missing, of course,…

  • Diary

    Deutsch ist lächerlich aber sehr wichtig

    Here’s a quick break from moving nonsense to talk about learning another language. I’m practicing my German every day with hopes of more intense studying once I’m done writing my book. It’s slow-going because I’m self-teaching. It’s also a difficult language to learn. Rewarding though. Learning something new about German feels much more satisfying than those years I spent conjugating irregular verbs in high school French class. Hearing the German students converse with the German exchange student while we were still learning how to count in French pissed me off. But like French, German has several different words for every article, depending on the tense. The table is different from…

  • Diary

    Did You NOT Just Hear Me?

    Fucking. Doctors. I made an appointment with my doctor last week. Unfortunately, the soonest she can see me is in June. I will be moving at the end of May. I need to get my prescription refilled. In order to do that, I need to see my doctor. However, due to the aforementioned “moving away” issue, I will be unable to do that. So I called today to see if I could get at least a three month extension on my medication to tie me over until I get settled in and find a doctor in my new state. “Because I’m moving,” I explained. “I won’t be able to come…

  • Carton box and suitcases for relocation on bed

    Why Can’t Moving Be Uncomplicated

    I’m trying not to freak out right now. Packing is the best/worst part of moving. It’s satisfying to purge your old belongings and tuck away your valuables to go onto the next place. But mentally preparing to shove each stupid knick-knack and scarf in a box just exhausts me. The added complication is three animals, two cars, and a fucktonne of clocks (why do I have so many clocks?!?). Even though I’ve done this many times before, I can’t find anything guidance about how to pack: which rooms to start with, what stuff to start with, nothing. The closest I’ve found was this guide, but it didn’t give room specifics.…